2019.E19 - It's Always Sunny in Seattle / by Harrison Crow

The season is winding down and wouldn’t you know it, the Seattle Sounders are on a downward spiral but unlike years past there is less that seems to point that they’ll figure things out before the playoffs. Just south the Timbers are putting together an impressive counter attack and while their xGA is similar, there are key differences which point to Portland having a much better, more compact defensive unit.

Aside from the run down of Cascadia the team launch in on Darlington Nagbe and his overratedness, talk a bit about Minnesota, RSL and LA Galaxy all vying for two home positions and then they sort through some listener questions including Fredy Montero, a team’s most replaceable xG creator and the Red Bulls new winger Josh Sims.

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Intro Music: Let's Go Get The Goal (MLS) - Don't Kick The Baby

Outro Music: Bad Habit - Your Smith